Monday, August 24, 2009

Preparing to travel the U.S.

In the next year-and-a-half we will be traveling around the world along the 38th parallel, seeking water/environment and cultural connections intersected by that latitude line. The University of California Press will publish our book, Parallel Universe:38°N: The Water Line. But first we must continue our travels, beginning from our home by Mono Lake in the Eastern Sierra Nevada. Last September 2008 we hiked, biked, and boated across California to the Pacific Coast at Point Reyes. That story will be told in Coast and Ocean magazine's next issue, coming out in mid-September. (See November 6, 2009, post) This autumn we will cross the rest of the United States, intersecting with parts of Maryland, Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Utah, and Nevada. Chesapeake Bay, mountaintop removal, wetlands in Kansas, the Ogallalla aquifer, and groundwater grabs by distant cities are stories we will explore. That portion of the trip begins on September 28 and will take 5 to 6 weeks. Next year, in 2010, we will continue exploring Europe and Asia on the 38th parallel. Stay tuned! Read more about David Carle's books at


  1. This sounds absolutely wonderful... And... it has the added attraction of making it easy to stay in touch. Have a great and safe trip!

    Cheers... no... really... Cheers! Carl

  2. WE will definitely be following along on your journey. Small glitch...1982 from 2000 doesn't add up to 27 years...can't wait to read of all your adventures. Be careful in Iran! Remember the 3 hikers! Ron

  3. We were privileged to share a small part of that first journey across California, and look forward to many more adventurous tales. Travel well !!
    Stan & Sharon

  4. Say Hey Dave and Janet,
    Have a wonderful time ... walking, rolling, floating, etc., etc.

  5. Regarding KayRon's comment, our work in parks actually spanned about 30 years, beginning in 1972, but the first few were seasonal summer jobs. Janet began at Patrick's Point SP, and also worked seasonally at Kings Canyon National Park, Van Damme SP (on the Mendocino coast), and Hearst Castle. She went full-time as a ranger trainee at Folsom SRA, then was assigned to the Governor's Mansion SHP in Sacramento and then the State Railroad Museum, where she coordinated a new volunteer program for all the historic parks in Sacramento District. Dave's park career began as a seasonal at Doheny and San Onofre State beaches, then Kings Canyon NP (where we met, the summer of 1975), full-time as a trainee on the Mendocino Coast, then a 9-month security assignment at Hearst Castle, 3 years at the Auburn SRA (American River), and then the State Indian Museum. Though Janet retired in 2003 (Dave in 2000), she still coordinates the volunteers at Mono Lake.