Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Review in Foreword Reviews for Traveling the 38th Parallel

From Foreword Reviews, Spring 2013, pages 20, 21, review of Traveling the 38th Parallel written by Kristen Rabe: 
"David and Janet Carle illuminate an environmental discussion on waterways and wetlands with accounts of their travel across the Northern Hemisphere. The authors acknowledge the complexities of these issues while also recognizing the many like-minded people around the world who are working to address the issues in meaningful and sustainable ways. .
   The authors are passionate about preserving the diversity and richness of the natural world and are attuned to the complexities of related issues. ...[teaching] us much about what we need to be doing—and why it is vitally important to care.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

"A Grand Adventure;" Book Review in Mammoth Times

With the title "A Grand Adventure," a book review appeared on February 15 in the Mammoth Times, written by Wendilyn Grasseschi, for TRAVELING THE 38TH PARALLEL, A WATER LINE AROUND THE WORLD.  Here's the Mammoth Times link  
From the review:

"Who would have thought something as seemingly mundane as a number could underlie much of the world’s most productive cultures?
   "That is what local authors and former Mono Lake rangers David and Janet Carle found when they set out four years ago to walk around the world following the same latitude that their home—Mono Lake—lies on—the 38th parallel.
   "It's a lucid, well-written book that moves the reader from the salty shores of Mono Lake to the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea with equal ease. It reads more like an adventure novel than a non-fiction travel book, and includes stories about people from around the world.
   "These stories remind the reader that humanity is related by more than just similar DNA, but also by dreams, worries, and challenges that are often mirrors of each other."

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