Friday, December 23, 2016

Unsustainable Groundwater pumping foretells global food shock

In this National Geographic article, aquifers in California's Central Valley, the Ogallala aquifer in the U.A. midwest, and aquifers in Spain and Italy, all closely tied to the 38th parallel, are
Center pivot sprinklers in western Kansas tapping the Ogallala aquifer

specifically mentioned as areas being rapidly depleted. This National Geographic article says: "California’s agricultural powerhouses—the Central Valley, Tulare Basin, and southern San Joaquin Valley, which produce a plentiful portion of the nation’s food—could run out of accessible groundwater as early as the 2030s."
    Yet the drilling of new wells and unsustainable pumping rates have accelerated in California in recent drought years.  New groundwater management plans are required by law, now, but will not take effect until 2040, so the short-term greed to pump now before it is regulated has kicked in.