Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Book jacket "blurbs" for 38th Parallel book

"Regardless of our differences, all humans share an utter dependency on water. We will run out of oil eventually, but if we allow reason to prevail, we need not run out of water. This beautiful book both reveals the threat to our water resources and gives us hope. Read it for your sake and your children’s sake." -James Lawrence Powell, author of Dead Pool

“David and Janet Carle's journey along the 38th parallel turned into
something quite different- an exploration of diverse global environments,
of exploitation and heroic efforts at renewal with long-term planning for 
recovery. This is a treasure of a book that provides both hope and food 
for thought. Everyone who cares about the future of our environment 
should read this remarkable volume.” -Brian Fagan, author of Elixir: A History of Humans and Water 
and Emeritus Professor of Anthropology, University of California, Santa Barbar

"The 38th Parallel is a compelling read with wonderful tension between 
the environmental problems- the true reason for their journey- and the 
extraordinary sights they encounter following the 38th parallel. Pushed 
off the typical tourist path, David and Janet Carle's striking account of 
their journey addresses larger issues of deforestation, pollution and 
degradation of the land."
-Dean MacCannell, author of The Tourist and The Ethics of Sightseeing

"David and Janet Carle's journey along the 38th parallel provides a unique approach to exploring the world's struggle to maintain water resources. Their exploration of diverse cultures and landscapes combines wonderfully with their well-considered examination of water issues." -Robin Grossinger, Senior Scientist at the San Francisco Estuary Institute

Publication is expected April 1, 2013. Pre-orders can now be purchased at UC Press with shipping February 11

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